Will Vaginal Rejuvenation Affect My Sex Life?

Over the course of your lifetime, you go through several stages of hormone changes, including puberty, the onset of menstruation, childbirth, and menopause. Not to mention the monthly fluctuations you experience before and after your period. 

Add to that the normal aging process that leaves your skin (even in your vagina) thinner, drier, and more susceptible to tearing, and you may have noticed that sex isn’t as enjoyable as it once was.

But it can be again!

Dr. Kent Miller at Kent G. Miller, MD Gynecology, Women’s Health and Allure Cosmetics and Aesthetics Center of Georgia has helped women in and around Gainesville, Georgia, reclaim the joy of sex for more than 30 years, and he can help you, too. Through vaginal restoration and rejuvenation, he can address several issues that might be interfering with your ability to have sex and take pleasure in it. Here’s how it works.

Increases sensitivity

Part of the reason you’re not enjoying sex is that your lax vaginal tissues have lost sensitivity. A decrease in your production of estrogen during menopause could certainly account for your lack of interest in sex, but not all low libidos can be blamed on menopause. 

You may be avoiding intimacy because it just doesn’t feel good anymore. That’s where vaginal rejuvenation comes in. Using the SeleneTouch® laser, Dr. Miller guides concentrated beams of light into your vaginal tissue. This nonsurgical treatment causes tiny micro-injuries to your skin, which kicks your body’s healing properties into gear.

The result is an increase in blood flow that makes your skin more sensitive and your sex more pleasurable. It also strengthens and tightens your vaginal walls, which reduces pain you might have been experiencing and increases your partner’s satisfaction as well. 

Improves appearance

It’s not a topic you read about in social media, but aging, childbirth, and hormone fluctuations can change the look of your labia and vagina. In some cases, the transformation is enough to make you self-conscious about your body and prevent you from intimacy.

Vaginal restoration and rejuvenation can bring back the firm look and feel of your female anatomy by tightening your skin. The micro-ablative laser triggers your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, two essential proteins responsible for the structure and texture of your skin. 


Good sex relies on moisture, but age and hormones rob you of the natural lubrication you once had. A dry vagina is a painful vagina. Of course, you could use over-the-counter products to create a slippery, smooth environment, but that’s only temporary. 

Vaginal rejuvenation restores the moisture you’re used to and eliminates the need to interrupt a romantic moment to apply a gel or cream. 

Amps up libido

Your libido — your desire for sex — can be linked to many factors, like mood, hormones, stress, and overall health, just to name a few things. But changes in your vagina are often overlooked. Our vaginal restoration and rejuvenation patients report an increased interest in sex after their SelenTouch sessions because they’ve rediscovered the ability to feel pleasure. 

If you’ve had a low libido for a while or are dissatisfied with your sexual experiences, vaginal restoration and rejuvenation might be a game-changer. Give us a call at 770-532-4477 to find out how to turn your sex life around this year. You can also send a message to Dr. Miller and the team here on our website.

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