What Can UltraShape Power Body Sculpting Do That Cold and Hot Therapies Don't?

When you see yourself in the mirror, do your eyes go first to that trouble spot where your stubborn fat resides? Perhaps it’s around your waist where you have a muffin top. Or is it in your thighs or back? If you’re ready to shed that unwanted fat, the UltraShape® Power body contouring system can be a great solution. 

Kent Miller, MD, at Kent G. Miller, MD Gynecology, Women’s Health and Allure Cosmetics and Aesthetics Center of Georgia uses the UltraShape Power system to help eliminate unwanted trouble spots. UltraShape Power is the only FDA-cleared body contouring system that uses ultrasound to destroy unwanted body fat. Other systems use laser heat or a freezing system to get rid of fat, but they come with downsides. 

What happens during an UltraShape Power treatment?

First, Dr. Miller interviews you and reviews your medical history to determine if you’re a good candidate for UltraShape Power. Then he shows you before and after pictures so you can get a realistic perspective of what a treatment can do for you. 

Once Dr. Miller determines you’re a candidate for UltraShape Power, he targets the exact area for treatment. His physician assistant applies a smooth gel to the area and wraps a special belt around it. Dr. Miller then gently moves the UltraShape Power device over the area of unwanted fat. The ultrasound waves cause the fat cells to disintegrate. Over the following weeks, your body will eliminate the destroyed fat cells naturally. Depending on the area, the treatment can take one hour or less. 

What are the advantages of the UltraShape Power body contouring system? 

UltraShape Power is the newest and most advanced body contouring system, providing advantages that older systems don’t have. 

More fat loss than other body contouring systems 

With UltraShape Power, you can lose up to 34% of fat cells in the targeted area, as opposed to 20-25% with other treatments. Patients who use UltraShape Power lose an average of 2.5 centimeters of fat after one treatment and an average of 3.5 centimeters after the third treatment. 

Some studies show patients losing up to 5 centimeters. Did you know that losing 3 centimeters of fat can reduce your dress size? You’ll also feel much more comfortable in your jeans. The fat loss with UltraShape Power may even spur you to change habits and lose more weight. 

Total comfort 

In the simple, pain-free procedure, you lie back and relax while receiving your UltraShape Power body contouring treatment. With other body contouring systems, you may feel a pulling or tugging at your skin or a tingling sensation during treatment. Wouldn’t you rather have the pain-free option?

No painful side effects 

With UltraShape Power, you don’t need any recovery time. Other body contouring systems may say there’s little to no downtime, but they can have the following side effects:

These side effects can last for a few days to a few weeks after the treatment. Wouldn’t you rather forgo this? With UltraShape Power, your body won’t show any signs of the treatment, and it won’t have any of the troublesome side effects of other body contouring systems.  

Quick results compared to other contouring systems

If you have a celebration coming up soon and can’t afford to wait months before you see results, UltraShape Power is a great option. You’ll begin to see changes in as little as two weeks. Other body contouring systems can take up to six weeks before you can see results. 

To learn what the UltraShape Power body contouring system can do for you, book an appointment over the phone with Kent G. Miller, MD Gynecology, Women’s Health and Allure Cosmetics and Aesthetics Center of Georgia today.

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