The Most Common Factors Contributing to Your Hormone Imbalance and What to Do

Most people experience some kind of hormonal imbalance at some point. Hormones are tiny chemical messengers that play a huge role in overall health and wellbeing. So when an imbalance becomes severe or long-lasting, the impact on your life can be significant. Thankfully, most causes of hormone imbalances can be effectively treated.

If you feel you may be experiencing negative effects of a hormone imbalance, our team at Kent Miller Gynecology would love to assist you. Read on to learn more about these issues.

Causes of hormone imbalance

Your body produces various amounts of hormones, such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, throughout your life. Natural causes of hormonal shifts include puberty, pregnancy, giving birth, breastfeeding, menopause, and the overall aging process.

Hormonal imbalances also stem from issues and conditions in need of addressing, such as:

Symptoms of a hormone imbalance

An imbalance of hormones can present itself in a range of ways and to varying degrees of intensity. Some of the most common signs and symptoms include:

Hormone imbalance diagnosis

Addressing a hormonal imbalance starts with proper diagnosis, by way of a comprehensive exam. Be prepared to discuss your symptoms and medical history at this appointment. You should also bring a list of any medications or dietary supplements you take. From there, your doctor may suggest a pelvic exam and additional tests, such as a blood test, ultrasound, thyroid scan, or MRI.

Hormone imbalance treatment

The specifics of your treatment for hormonal imbalance will depend on the cause of your symptoms. If you’re experiencing the effects of menopause, for example, you may benefit from hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, which restores normal hormone levels.

Other potential treatments include:

To learn more about hormone health or get started on treatment for any imbalance you may have, call Kent Miller Gynecology, or email us via our contact tab.

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