Most Common Reasons for Painful Sex

Do you avoid sex as much as possible because of pain during intercourse?

Are you tired of sex that makes you wish you hadn’t bothered? When sex is uncomfortable or downright painful, it may lead to frustration and lack of satisfaction - not to mention unpleasant friction in your relationship. In addition, 40% of women say that female sexual dysfunction causes psychological distress.

At Kent Miller Gynecology in Gainesville, Georgia, Dr. Kent G. Miller diagnoses and treats women with different types of sexual health issues, including painful intercourse. Your sexual enjoyment can be restored with safe, gentle interventions that help your vulva and vagina feel relaxed, lubricated, and pain-free for comfortable, enjoyable sex. 

Common causes of painful sex

There are many reasons why sex might feel uncomfortable, or even hurt. It’s important to find out the underlying reasons, and not just continue to suffer. If you find sex painful, it could be because of one or more of the following sexual health issues:

Vaginal moisture levels

Many things can affect how much moisture your vagina generates. Hormone levels, certain medications, types of birth control, and stress levels can all affect your self-lubrication.  

Vaginal tissue changes

As you grow older, the texture and structure of your vaginal walls can change, causing the skin to become looser or thinner. This can lead to unpleasant friction, or even micro-tears in the skin, which can sting. 

Vaginal muscle spasms

You could be experiencing involuntary spasms that make your vaginal walls clench up when intercourse is attempted. This can make any type of penetration, even with a finger or a small toy, unbearable. 

Vaginal infections or STDs

Yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and sexually transmitted diseases can all cause pain during sex and may be accompanied by an odor or itching. Any changes in your vaginal discharge should be noted, and you can talk to Dr. Miller about whether or not they could be a sign of an infection. 

Resolving painful sex issues

Treatment for painful sex will depend on the condition diagnosed. For infection or disease, antibiotics can be prescribed. For muscle spasms, exercises can be recommended to help you learn to control your vaginal muscles and relax enough for sex. 

Lubrication and tissue changes can be addressed with vaginal rejuvenation laser therapy, which stimulates collagen production, WIth Selene Touchablative laser therapy, your vaginal walls can be restored to a more youthful tone, and your sexual libido brought back along with better self-lubrication.   

To explore treatment options for painful intercourse, call Kent Miller Gynecology today at 770-532-4477 to schedule a consultation

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