Finish Off Your Weight Loss Journey With Body Contouring

If you’re like most women, you have an ideal body weight and shape in mind. Maybe there’s a dress you want to wiggle into or a certain silhouette you’re trying to achieve. Whatever the goal, you know what needs to be done to get there. 

So you put your mind to it, change your diet, and step up your exercise routine. It seems to work. You drop some weight and feel better, but you just can’t seem to lose it all. Even working out those problem areas like your hips, thighs, or tummy won’t seem to budge the bulge in certain spots. 

Dr. Kent Miller at Kent Miller Gynecology understands your frustration and can help you bridge the gap between “almost there” and “I’ve made it.” With advanced body contouring technology, Dr. Miller can eliminate your diet- and exercise-resistant fat stores and help you reach your aesthetic goals. He uses the increasingly popular UltraShape® Power treatment, which is painless, noninvasive, effective, and FDA approved. 

What’s the perfect body type?

If you don’t like your body, you’re among the 86% of American women who share your frustration. Your idea of the best body type may differ from the lady next door or the model in the magazine. It may mean getting rid of your muffin top or toning up your tush. You’re not alone. 

The constant quest for the perfect body is an all-American pastime, but it remains elusive for many. 

Why diet and exercise aren’t enough

Whatever comes to mind when you think of an ideal body shape, it usually starts with shedding a few pounds. But you can’t pick and choose the exact places on your body where you want to lose fat. 

That’s called spot reduction, and it’s just not the way the human body works. When you lose weight, it happens all over. Many people find that they get close to their goal but can’t get rid of the last stubborn pockets of fat that seem to defy the most painstaking efforts. 

Spot reduction made possible by UltraShape

When you reach the point where diet and exercise just aren’t getting the job done, Dr. Miller can take you the rest of the way with the UltraShape Power treatment. This highly effective technique uses the power of ultrasound technology to target and destroy fat cells deep within your problem areas. 

With UltraShape, Dr. Miller can carefully control exactly where to focus the ultrasound energy, precisely targeting fat cells while preserving all the surrounding tissues. The ultrasound damages the fat cell walls, which releases the trapped fat so your body can flush it away. The destroyed cell debris also gets eliminated through your lymphatic system.

The result is spot reduction not only made possible, but made easy.

Why choose UltraShape?

Body contouring has become a popular treatment because it’s painless, noninvasive, and effective. The procedure can be accomplished through various types of energy, such as heat, cold, or sound. Dr. Miller trusts ultrasound technology for his patients for a few reasons.

UltraShape has no side effects

While side effects for all body contouring methods are minimal, most of them leave you with tender, red skin in the treatment areas, and some may cause minor bruising. UltraShape leaves your skin clear and pain free.

UltraShape gets rid of more fat

Naturally, results vary from person to person, but UltraShape Power treatments generally rid your body of more fat cells (up to 34%) than other types of treatments that help you lose only 20%-25%. After just one UltraShape treatment, patients lose an average 2.5 centimeters, and after three treatments, it jumps to an average of 3.5 centimeters.

UltraShape is an alternative to liposuction

Because body sculpting in any form isn’t intended as a primary weight loss solution, but rather a refining treatment, most methods require you to be close to your goal weight. If you’re significantly overweight and need help shedding the pounds, liposuction, an invasive procedure that vacuums out fat, has been a historically popular option to lose weight.

With UltraShape, you can still be a candidate if you have a body mass index of up to 30, rather than 25, as is required for other treatments. So you can skip the painful lipo and go straight for the comfortable UltraShape. 

When you’ve reached the final lap of your weight loss journey and need a little help crossing the finish line, call us or send us a message here on our website to schedule an appointment with Dr. Miller to learn more about UltraShape Power.


Individual results may vary


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